Years of know-how and expertise makes Chavroux the leading brand of goat's cheese, with the smooth, creamy texture loved by the whole family. Chavroux brings the perfect goat cheese for every occasion, with a soft finish, paired with a refreshingly mild and light flavour. With none of the typical sharpness of goat’s cheese, Chavroux is a pleasurable addition to your menu.

Chavroux La Buche - A moreish addition to picnics and cheeseboards, La Buche has a rich, smooth and light texture.

Chavroux Pyramid - In a distinctive pyramid block shape, this soft cheese melts satisfyingly in your mouth, with a wonderfully rounded flavour.

Chavroux Slices - Soft, creamy and practical, these goat’s cheese slices will make your sandwiches truly delicious.

Chavroux delivers consistently high-quality products with a fresh, pure goat's cheese taste bringing pleasure to all your eating occasions.

Available in the following packs:
150g Chavroux La Buche,
150g Chavroux Pyramid,
100g Chavroux Slices.

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