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Saint Agur

Saint Agur is a blue cheese everyone will love, with a fresh taste that balances creaminess with just a hint of tanginess. Coming from the volcanic hills of Auvergne, Saint Agur cheese is soft, and is just as tempting on its own or with bread, making it a great way to finish off your cheeseboard.

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Explore the tempting and delicious world of fine, continental cheeses, created with heritage, tradition and taste. Discover the rich variety of flavours to choose from, and the passion behind the craftsmanship of cheese making.

How to: Store Cheese

Ensure it stays delicious and enjoyable.

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The best cheese:
for burgers

No self-respecting burger would dare to be eaten without cheese.

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Best Cheese For A Salad

Take a look at our guide on which delicious cheeses to use in your salad.

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