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So Tasty. So Greek. 

Discover the real Greece with ISLOS: born from excellent craftsmanship, the freshest ingredients, and an award-winning taste, that’s ISLOS. From the mountains of Epirus to your plate, whether you choose to go classic or decide to try something new, ISLOS’ versatility elevates any dish. 

What is Feta Cheese?

Feta cheese, renowned for its convenience and versatility, is crafted with precision and tradition. This soft cheese is carefully cured in a salt brine solution, infusing it with its characteristic flavor. Made primarily from sheep’s milk, with the option of blending in goat’s milk, feta cheese matures over time, developing a firmer texture and a delightful balance of saltiness.As a PDO product, feta cheese proudly represents its place of origin, Greece, adhering to strict production methods and upholding the highest quality standards. Its name, “Feta,” is reserved exclusively for cheeses made within Greece’s borders.

The Origin of Islos - Epirus

Nestled in the north-western region of Greece, Epirus provides the perfect backdrop for Feta production. Unspoiled by tourism, this authentic and local destination boasts breathtaking landscapes, including majestic mountains and lush valleys. With its special climate and soil conditions, Epirus offers an ideal environment for sheep and goat grazing, resulting in milk that carries a unique aroma. This exceptional milk is a key ingredient in crafting our exquisite feta cheese.

Epirus is a haven of rich biodiversity, where the natural harmony between the land and its resources is preserved. Each bite of our feta cheese encapsulates the essence of this remarkable region, reflecting the meticulous craftsmanship and the unspoiled flavours derived from the animals’ natural grazing. Our feta cheese is a true testament to the harmony between nature’s gifts and Greek artisanal expertise.

How it's made


Source the milk

All feta must use sheep’s milk or a mixture with goat’s milk that comes from Greece.


Coagulate the milk

Coagulation is the process of turning the liquid milk into solid curd.



After the curd is drained, it’s nearly ready to eat!


Salt & Mature

The feta is salted and placed in wooden or metal containers where it matures for at least two months - salting is part of the maturation process and its called brining.

Islos feta

Immerse yourself in the authentic taste of ISLOS feta cheese, lovingly crafted in the unspoiled region of Epirus, Greece. Made predominantly from pure sheep’s milk, combined with a touch of goat’s milk, our feta follows honoured traditions, marinating in brine for two months to achieve its irresistibly mild and aromatic flavour.

Embrace the richness of the Mediterranean as you savour the versatility of ISLOS feta – a delightful vegetarian alternative that has garnered the esteemed “Superior Taste Award” in 2021, a testament to its exceptional flavour and quality. Elevate your culinary experience with ISLOS and discover the true essence of authentic feta cheese.

Rich in protein and a source of calcium, our cheese is a delicious and versatile alternative to meat. Whether enjoyed with olives and hearty bread, incorporated into Greek salads, or used in a variety of warm dishes, ISLOS feta brings the authentic flavours of Mediterranean cuisine into your home.


Source of


Rich in


Islos Greek Cheese Recipes

Experience the mouthwatering versatility of feta cheese as it enhances your favourite dishes.

Crumble it over salads, melt it on burgers, stuff it into chicken, create creamy dips, or elevate pizzas, pastas, and roasted vegetables with its irresistible tangy flavour. Let ISLOS feta cheese unleash your culinary creativity and take your taste buds on a journey.

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