The Best Cheese For Burgers

No self-respecting burger would dare to be eaten without cheese. But what kind of cheese completes the perfect burger?

A soft, perfectly toasted bun and succulent patty might have your mouth watering already, but cheese is the essential ingredient that completes every burger.

Let’s take a look at some cheeses to add that final, delicious touch, to an all-American burger.

The classic burger cheese

Traditional cheeses are a sure-fire hit for tickling your guests taste buds, working well with all the other flavours present. If you’re going for the classic route, try one of these:

Cheddar: this pressed, semi-hard cheese has a distinctive taste, and is a perfect match when paired with beef and onions.

Monteray Jack: An all-American favourite, this soft cheese is often used in place of Cheddar. Mild and tender, it captures an authentic, classic taste.

American cheese: This is a processed cheese that usually blends a few different varieties, to create the perfect cooking cheese. American cheese can be found in white, yellow or orange, adding a hint of brightness to your burger.

A French take on the classic burger

While a burger might be a classic American dish, it can also go well with regional French cheeses. Try some of these cheeses for a novel twist.

A fresh taste: Adding goat’s cheese to a burger can transform the humble diner dish to a stand-out meal. Chavroux La Buche can be easily sliced into burger-ready pieces, to top off a delicious, flame-cooked patty.  It’s best paired with a tangy, contrasting sauce – quince ketchup adds the perfect hint of sweet and sharp flavours. Finish with cooked winter vegetables, for a satisfyingly crunchy texture.

A gourmet-inspired taste: Blue cheese is often a common sauce for a classic hamburger, but can bring new depths of flavour too.  Saint Agur melts perfectly in the mouth, with a robust, tangy taste, and is delicious with vibrant, home-made pickled red onions, that add just the right amount of kick. This combination works well as finger food – try mini bite-size burgers as hors d’oeuvres, with every mouthful filled with the perfect combination of flavours.

A stretchy pull: Made with mountain milk and matured on spruce boards, Le Rustique Raclette Slices provide the ultimate melted cheese in a burger ready format. Raclette is an alpine cheese that melts particularly well due to its high moisture content. Bon Appétit!

With hundreds to choose from, every cheese can add a new dimension of flavour to a classic dish. Why not try a different take on the classic burger?


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