The Best Cheese For Pizza

Cheese is as iconic an ingredient for pizza as tomato sauce, but what kind of cheese should you go for?

Researchers in New Zealand carried out extensive tests and studies to find the perfect cheese to make the perfect pizza. Read on to discover their top pick, as well as other delicious cheeses that you might want to include in your next topping.

The Champion: Mozzarella

When comes to pizza, nothing beats mozzarella. A delicious stretched-curd Italian cheese made from buffalo milk, it ticks off all the right boxes, with its bubbly, stretchy texture, and smooth, creamy taste.

While other Italian cheeses can often be either too fatty or too dry, when combined with mozzarella, they can add their unique flavours to the aroma and texture of a pizza.

For a 100% Italian pizza, the best partners alongside mozzarella are:

Provolone – another stretched-curd cheese. For a subtle kick of flavour, try a more mature version.

Gorgonzola – depending on its maturity, it can be a little milder or tangier, and works well with seasonal vegetables.

Parmesan – a hard, pressed cheese, this adds a bold touch of fruity flavour, when grated finely onto a freshly cooked pizza.

The Delicious Partners

Alongside mozzarella, there are lots of other tempting cheeses to try with it, to create delectable, melt in the mouth pizza toppings.

For a gooier taste: Camembert cooks up perfectly on a pizza. The pungent taste of Le Rustique Camembert works brilliantly with caramelised onions, while the creamy texture of the cheese delivers a mouth-watering, gooey texture with every bite.

For a fresh taste: For a light and flavoursome topping, combine mozzarella with a goat’s cheese like Chavroux. With a smooth and creamy texture, it adds a delicious, fresh flavour that works wonderfully with fresh herbs and leaves.

For a bold blend: If you’d like pizza with a punch, try combining mozzarella with the sophisticated taste of Saint Agur blue cheese. With a satisfying tanginess, this rich, creamy blue cheese brings an easy gourmet twist to a classic pizza dish.

There’s no limit to how inventive you can be with a pizza – so try experimenting with your own, to discover how your favourite flavours can come together.


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