The Best Cheese For Cordon Bleu

Cordon bleu is a classic family favourite, loved by everyone.
But the question remains: which cheese should you use?

Whether you choose turkey, chicken, veal or ham, cordon bleu is always a crowd please, and the right cheese can bring out its best flavour.

Hard Cheeses For A Delicious Melt

Hard cheeses traditionally form the succulent centre of a cordon bleu. With a depth of flavour and satisfying melt, they result in a tender and delicious dish.

With its iconic holes, or air bubbles, French and Swiss Gruyere have a unique blend of fruity and woodland flavours, and is an ideal cheese to use in a cordon bleu. With a hint of tart and saltiness, they can give a full-bodied flavour to the meat.  Fol Epi is one of the most popular cheeses for any au gratin dish, with a cheese and breadcrumb topping. Like Gruyere, it’s full of holes, but has a fruitier taste. Hailing from the Savoie region, this delicious, melt in the mouth cheese works beautifully with plenty of recipes.

A Softer Take For A Creamy Alternative

For a milder taste that everyone will enjoy, try Chavroux’s goat’s cheese log. Perfect with a tender turkey breast, smoked ham and fresh herbs, the taste of goat’s cheese pairs well with a colourful, crispy salad of cucumber and cherry tomatoes.

To create a cordon bleu with depth and character, Le Rustique Camembert and Bayonne ham blend together perfectly. To prevent the Camembert from becoming too runny as it cooks, tie your chicken escalopes as you would a roast. This will keep the cheese securely in, soaking into the meat for a deliciously creamy dish.

For something with a more impressive punch, the combination of turkey meat and creamy Saint Agur makes an effortlessly inspiring dish. Serve with cranberry sauce and seasonal green vegetables to compliment the fresh, creamy taste of blue cheese, with a hint of sharpness and crunch.

And if you’d like to elevate your everyday cordon bleu to a more indulgent taste, try adding the rich, pungent taste of Pié d’Angloys cheese to a mild chicken escalope. The smooth and refined flavour is a heady delight when contrasted with the crisp, golden exterior of breadcrumbs.



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